UNICENTS’ball/globe/check valve widely applied for chemical industry. Its quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
The main chemical processing industries that we serve include: salt chemical engineering, coal chemical industry,Chemical fertilizer and pesticide industry.
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UNICENTS’gate/ ball/globe valve s applied forMining and refineryindustry.
Abrasive and Acidic Slurries
Mill Feed
Metal Powder
Metal Ore
Cooling and Process Water
Aeration and Blower Air
Vent Gas
Coal Powder
From abrasive slurries to corrosive acids, Unicents has a rightsolution for your toughest environments
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Oil & Gas Transmission
Oil and gas transmission lines use three main ON/OFF valve service products:
Ball valves, full or reduced bore, Side or Top entry, bolted or welded body.
Through conduit gate valves (slab or expanding gate).
Full opening swing check valves.
The main standard of reference for all these valves is API 6D / ISO 14313.
Subsea transmission lines foresee a wide…
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Power Generation
UNICENTS Company has been providing flow control solutions to the power generation industry. From simple wedge gate valves for steam isolation on the first steam locomotive power plants, to parallel slide gate valves, swing check valves, globe valves, stop check globe valves. Focus on products for high pressure and high temperature service. We have experienced to supply ideal solutions fo…
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Ball and gate valvesare mainly applied in oil and gas industries. Standard reference for these valves is API 6A/ISO 10423. During manufacturing the high end range of these valves, that is special high pressure (5000 to 15.000 PSI), high quality demand (PSL2 or PSL3 forged construction), special materials (stainless 13% Cr, F6NM, duplex steels, nickel alloys) and extreme service conditions…
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Water & wastewater Treatment
Water treatment comprises physical, chemical and biological processes depending on the substances contained in the raw water to be treated. Valve product plays an important role in the modern society where people have clearly realized the improving production and living enviorement come extremely care.Unicentscompany can supply customerizedproducts upon request, .including valve made of s…
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